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How we work


Nursery Haarman BV is specialized in cultivating (in bulk) uniform consignments of rooted cuttings by order of our customers.
After delivery, these rooted cuttings are cultivated further at our customers' nurseries, until they are ready to be sold to the general public.

At our customers' request we can take care of the further growing of the rooted cuttings at our nursery, or put the young plants in trays straight away.
This way of growing gives the customer the possibility to process the basic material more efficiently during the busy spring season.

Basic Material

The basic material for rooted cuttings is (often) sent by the commissioning company itself, because then, the base of the starting material is known.

Of course, it is quite well possible to have our nursery take care of this.

Customer Specific

At Nursery Haarman BV the cuttings are cultivated exclusively at the request of our customers. This process is not started until an inventory has been made of our customer's requirements.

The requirements may vary from the number of rooted cuttings a cup, the cup size, the number of cuttings, the time of delivery (e.g. just in time delivery), the means of growing, etc.

We are perfectly aware that customers all have their own specific requirements, and because of our customer-specific way of operating, we can contribute to the thought process in order to achieve the best possible result for the (continuation) of your cultivation.

0.7 Ha.

Greenhouse Space

0.4 Ha.

Container Field

4M +

Cuttings a year