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The Company

Hello, we would like to welcome you on the website of Nursery Haarman BV. Nursery Haarman was established in 1995 and is specialized in the production of uniform consignments of rooted cuttings.

This website is meant to give you an impression of the possibilities we can offer you, as a supplier of your basic material.

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The Location

At our location we have 7.000m2 greenhouse space and 4.000m2 container field at our disposal. The whole cultivation area is equipped provided with a lava cultivation floor.

The greenhouse space has been organized in such a way that we have the best working conditions, according to the latest requirements, whereby the quality of the plants should always prevail.
Climate and watering are computer-linked, and where possible, we fight against diseases and pests in a biological way.

To let the plants get used to climatic conditions, we have the possibility to cultivate them further in the open air at the container field.
This way the transition to your nursery conditions may be less significant for the plants.

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More Info

For more information about our company and how we work, you can visit the website’s other pages.
Of course it is also possible to get in contact with us for more information.


0.7 Ha.

Greenhouse Space

0.4 Ha.

Container Field

4M +

Cuttings a year